Irrigation Systems

Irrigation Systems in Cincinnati, OH

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The team at Design Rite Sprinkler Company in Cincinnati are experts in irrigation system design, installation, maintenance and repairs.
Maybe you're a homeowner trying to improve the beauty of your lawn & garden?
Maybe you're a business owner whose property could better reflect the clean and professional image you'd like to convey?
Whatever the case, we can help. Over time, we've dealt with an array of client requests so we've seen and done it all.


Whether you have a specific idea in mind or need a helping hand we can provide planning and design services before implementing your garden irrigation system. We can custom-design our products and services so that it perfectly fits your needs no matter what they are.

Installations and Repairs

We can come to you throughout Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky to perform lawn irrigation installations and repairs for a variety of products. We can walk you through our available lawn, field and garden irrigation products, and then organize a time convenient for you to install your system. If you're current one is faulty, we can fix that too. We have many years of hands-on expertise, so we'll get your new or existing system up and running in no time.
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